21st November 2021

About Baby Photogenic

With amazing changes in their expressions and movements, babies are fun to click. Those impossible to reproduce innocent moments look even better when clicked through the lens of highly professional photographers. Once again, Hocus Pocus in association with Mother's Pride Baby Show, brings to you “The Most Photogenic Baby Contest" and here's a chance for you to register your child for the same. Get a professional photo-shoot done for your little one and save these precious moments forever.

About Mom & Me Photogenic

A mother holds her child's hand for a short while, but his heart forever! The bond between a mother and her baby is the purest form of love, unconditional and special. To cherish this eternal bond its beauty, charm and innocence, our world-class photographers present all the mothers some best shots with the reflection of their younger selves.

How To Register

Eligibility for 'The Most Photogenic Contest'

  • The child should be in the age group of 6 months to 3 years.
  • The child must be registered for the Mother's Pride Baby Show, November 2021 or have been admitted to Mother's Pride School.
  • Register your child (₹ 500* per picture entry)for the contest to be held on 21st November 2021.
  • Visit: or and register online.

Registration Form
Baby Photogenic / Mom & Me / Dad & Me Contest / Family Contest-

Baby show registration is compulsory to fill this form. This registration will be considered only if you have already registered for Baby Show . If You are not registered , Click here for registration
  • Second prize will be announces of and only if there are more than 20 registarions.
  • The Registration fee is per picture entry.
  • Contest will be cancelled if there are less than 5 registrations. Regisrtation amount will be adjusted against Hocus Pocus product.
  I have registered for the Baby Show

Note: Read the terms and conditions below and click submit if you agree to them.

Baby Photgenic

First Prize ₹ 8000/, Secound Prize ₹ 4500/ at branch lavel.

Mom & Me Photgenic

First Prize ₹ 8000/, Secound Prize ₹ 4500/ at branch lavel.

Dad & Me Photgenic

First Prize ₹ 8000/, Secound Prize ₹ 4500/ at branch lavel.

Famliy Photgenic

First Prize ₹ 8000/, Secound Prize ₹ 4500/ at branch lavel.

Special Offers / Discounts

Registration Charge ₹ 500/- per picture
A. 1 REGISTRATION + 1 FRAME ₹ 1600 ₹ 400 ₹ 1200
B. 2 REGISTRATION + 1 FRAME ₹ 2100 ₹ 600 ₹ 1500
C. 2 REGISTRATION + 2 FRAME ₹ 3200 ₹ 1000 ₹ 2200
D. 3-1, 3 REGISTRATION + 1 REGISTRATION ₹ 2000 ₹ 500 ₹ 1500
  HRCD extra with any package booking - - ₹ 1000

Photo Shoot Schedule

Last Date Of Registration : 20, November 2021 (at any of the following branches)

S. No. Date Day Venue
1. 21/11/2021 Sunday DWARKA-17 / GURGAON-40 / GURGAON-5 / INDIRAPURAM

Contact Us / Photography Managers

S. No. Branch Photography Manager Contact Number
1 DWARKA-17 Rajni / Neetu 7290025604 / 7838654342
2 GURGAON 40 Neelima 7838653025
3 GURGAON 5 Ajay / Neetu 7838654196 / 7838654342
4 INDIRAPURAM Neetu 7838654342

Result and Delivery

  • Results will be declared on 15th, December 2021 on the Hocus Pocus Facebook page:
  • You can also download a low resolution soft copy of the registered image from the Hocus Pocus website: (between 26th November to 15th January 2022.)
  • Every registered entrant for all contests will be contesting for the Prize Products worth ₹ 8,000/- (Frame Size 4, HRCD) at branch level. Every registered entrant for The Most Photogenic Baby Contest will be contesting for The Mega prize products worth ₹ 25,000/- (Portfolio Shoot, Wall Of Frame, High Resolution Pictures) from all over branches.
  • The delivery period of size ‘A’ frames can be availed under the special offer with in 45

Terms and Conditions

  • No refunds on registration
  • The final decision of the results will be in the hands of Hocus Pocus, while Mother's Pride shall not be obligated in case of any contrariety.
  • Amount paid for HRCD will be adjust against Size ‘A’ frame if child wins any contest